It’s time for a new level of dental care.

We’ve had enough of dismissive dentistry.
So we’re doing things a little differently. Because life’s too short not to look after yourself, and that’s exactly what dental care is - self-care.

We’re on a mission to make dental treatments actually feel like a treat.
Our state-of-the-art surgery is designed to make you feel right at home, and our highly qualified team will ensure you feel like the VIP (very important patient) that you are.

Dental experts, redefining your patient experience.

Smile Society Founder
Dr Delia knows the feeling of dental dread all-too-well. As a child, she was an anxious patient who hated the sterile feeling of dental surgeries. But Delia was a little different to other kids who didn’t like going to the dentist. She was the daughter of one.

In fact, Dr Delia’s family is full of dentists. She spent much of her childhood inside dental clinics, where she learned much about the patient experience. And when Dr Delia became a dentist with an aesthetic eye for detail, she was driven to do things a little differently. 

Exceptional customer service, infallible aesthetic dentistry and authentic patient care are at the heart of the Smile Society experience. Dr Delia and her carefully-chosen team are dedicated to putting their patients’ needs first, always. Each treatment is delivered with a precision so gentle you may even find it relaxing. You’ll never be pushed into a procedure, and you’ll never feel like ‘just another number’.

Because in this society, your satisfaction comes first.
“Being able to truly connect with my patients, understand their needs, and help them feel the confidence they deserve is why I love what I do.
Dr Delia Yeak
Our no-wait patient promise.
Life is busy. We understand your time is in high demand, and the last thing you need is to spend it in a waiting room.
If you have to wait longer than 15 minutes, your next check-up is on us. Because your time is important to us, too.

In our society,
your smile comes first.

Just like theirs.

Terry G.
Delia is the most caring, patient, compassionate, and understanding dentist you could ever visit.
Wade W.
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr Delia and it was an exceptional experience. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I was greeted by warm and friendly staff. Dr Delia took the time to listen and thoroughly explain procedures. Her ability to communicate in an understandable manner immediately put me at ease.
Amber C.
I cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. Delia Yeak - I really enjoyed my time with her - not something I expected in a dental visit. In fact, I came away very happy. She is so lovely and friendly, which made every appointment pleasant.
Dental emergencies
don’t stick to
a schedule.
Fortunately, we do. We’re available until 10pm on weeknights, 5pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday for your emergency dental needs. Call our after hours hotline on (08) 8472 8905 to put a permanent pause on your pain.
until 10pm
on weeknights
until 5pm
on Saturday
until 1pm
on Sundays

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